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ICYMI Leadership Lowdown | Keith Kirkpatrick - You Don't Need to Have a Title to be a Leader

Leadership Lowdown
April 3, 2024 11:00 AM

Leadersick 1Vic Verchereau welcomes Keith Kirkpatrick, who is the President of the KPM Group.

He is the latest guest for six segments with Vic Verchereau on Leadership Lowdown.

Keith shares a message of entrepreneurship, perseverance, surround yourself with great people, and help others grow; hear what he discusses with Vic!

Author Keith Kirkpatrick has compiled the pitfalls, mistakes, errors, and problems which befall leaders, and translates them into 28 separate leadership diseases.  In this edition of the Leadership Lowdown, we get introduced to accompanying symptoms, the disease’s impact, and treatment alternatives.
Keith heard from nearly 100 leaders across the country and parts of the world and got them to provide input to expand, diversify, and authenticate the dynamics of each leadership disease.

In the end, we all want to be better leaders and have a healthier leadership life. We want to help others overcome their difficulties and make improvements. And we all know, when leaders get better, we all get better. Becoming a healthier leader should be our goal and our intended outcome and Vic Verchereau gives us a chance to hear some of Keith Kirkpatrick's thoughts on getting better as a leader...Step into the examination room, the "Doctor" is in!

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Leadership Lowdown, hosted by Vic Verchereau, provides positive and practical principles for leaders who want to multiply their influence and take their team to the next level of effectiveness.

9:00 AM every Tuesday
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