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In the Michigan Future Business Index report, you get the inside scoop on:

  • Overall economic satisfaction
  • Sales, profit, wages, hiring and investment trends over the past 6 months
  • The number one challenge to doing business
  • And more!

Thanks to the participation of business leaders we are able to amplify their voices and provide data for business advocacy organizations and policymakers to help Michigan businesses prosper.

About the survey: The semi-annual Michigan Future Business Index has been commissioned by Accident Fund Insurance Company of America/AF Group, the Michigan Business Network since 2006, and is conducted by the Paul King with ROI Insight. 


Michigan Future Business Index - Fall 2019 Results

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Watch Michigan Business Network's Founder/CEO Chris Holman present the Michigan Future Business Index Survey at Automation Alley's 2020 Global Economic Outlook.

Presentation footage courteous of Automation Alley
Link to full presentation: https://automationalley.com/Events/Gl...