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Creative Leadership in Action

Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society
November 12, 2018 12:00 PM


Creative Leadership in Action- Changing the school culture is vital for student success. This important work is fueled by passion driven learning and is job one for students of the Creative Leadership class. 

These segments of Students United include interviews with students Elena Medrano, Grace Joseph, Lydia Khalid, and their Talent Developer Jeff Croley. They were featured presenters at the Jostens School Tour on Climate and Culture.

The group was asked to share stories and provide examples of initiatives they’ve executed that were not only memorable and impactful, but could also be easily adapted or implemented at other schools as well. They presented four sessions each to groups of students from schools throughout the Greater Lansing area. Okemos High School hosted the event.

The Creative Leadership conversations are centered around “Empathy and Inclusion”. “Owning Your Learning” and “Building Psychologically Safe Learning Environments that Utilize Talent and Encourage Creative Expression”

Convergence Networks Managed IT Services

Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society, hosted by Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay, intends to help merge the worlds of education and business by featuring innovative programs, projects, and people in K12 education throughout Michigan and beyond. The show aims to be the voice of K12 innovation. In order to better understand what is happening in schools it is important to provide a narrative of how education is evolving. To ensure a new generation of learner is adequately prepared, driven, and passionately ready for the workforce old divides must be bridged.

Tuesdays at 10AM and 4:00PM
Replay: 10 PM Tuesdays and 4 AM Wednesdays