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Jeff Croley

Jeff Croley

As co-founder of the Michigan Creativity Group (MCG) and DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG) Jeff is interested in using creativity to change society and impact the climate of education by developing, supporting, and celebrating talent. Jeff has spent his last 21 years empowering young people by utilizing their talent and creativity in all forms, especially in the areas of The Dramatic Arts and Filmmaking. Jeff is a firm believer in the power of passion, positivity, and personal relationships. He currently co-hosts Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society with Jason LaFay on Michigan Business Network. 

By utilizing assets and thinking outside-the-box Jeff continues to create opportunities for students and visionaries who want to create learning ecosystems in schools, communities, the workplace, and beyond. He is excited about the growing network of passionate educators, business leaders, and others interested in providing students with the 21st century skills needed to compete in a global society. Jeff wants to provide unique learning opportunities for students by continuing to network with those determined to redefine traditional educational practices while implementing new ideas pertaining to entrepreneurial education, project based learning, self-interest exploratory programs, creative use of digital media and the arts, along with other innovative practices.

Jeff believes schools must start to place a higher emphasis on producing creative leaders who are social innovators, entrepreneurs, and adaptive members of society who understand creativity and innovation are prerequisites to success in the future. Individual talents and passions must be tapped in order to better serve today's students if they are to become tomorrow's leaders. Jeff is eager to work with people who have a "Be the Solution" mindset who enjoy using creativity and innovation as the driving force in rethinking how business gets done both in and out of the classroom. In efforts to utilize and maintain Michigan's talent the MCG is eager to not only "Connect the Dots" with innovative people, projects, and programs in K12 education but with the businesses around the state as well.

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