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Jason LaFay

Jason LaFay

Jason is the co-founder of the recently launched Michigan Creativity Group (MCG) and currently a talent developer at DeWitt High School teaching subject areas in English and Sociology. In February of 2008 Jason started the DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG - www.dewittcreativitygroup.org) along with Jeff Croley as a way to change the culture of high schools in America by promoting student creativity and entrepreneurism. He currently co-hosts Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society with Jeff Croley on Michigan Business Network. 

It is crucial that public schools prepare students for the creative economy (information technology, alternative energy, artistic creativity, entrepreneurism, bio-sciences, medical technology, etc.). Jason believes schools must do more than simply impart skills and knowledge. There has to be an effort to channel student creativity into building economic growth that benefits all communities! This is what the MCG is striving to create: a school culture that embraces innovation.

Jason is aggressively working to provide a new narrative in education and understands that in order for lasting change to occur it needs to come from the bottom up. Jason's wealth of knowledge of the Lansing area and his research in urban revitalization, innovation, STEM, and adaptive learning environments have allowed him to work with an abundance of amazing individuals over the years who share his passion to transform education and change society. He looks forward to being part of the synergy that continues to develop as a result of the innovation movement in the Greater Lansing Region and the state of Michigan and looks forward to the MCG collaborating with and assisting others who feel the same.

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