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A Career in Focus and Pursuing Passion

Leadership Low Down
May 3, 2019 9:00 AM

J.D. Small

Pursuing a career in the field you love and building a business around it, can lead to a very fulfilling life. J.D. Small has enjoyed photography and has built a business and life around what he loves. As Founder of J.D. Small Photography he found that he needed to run a business while pursuing his dreams.

He's the latest of Michigan's entrepreneurs with a leadership story to share with Vic Verchereau, you'll want to give this whole episode a listen.


J.D. Small has been providing professional photography in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and New York for over 40 years. In those decades J.D. has retained the ability to keep up with the technologies of the time and remain relevant in his industry. Based in Lansing, Michigan since 1986, J.D. has built a reputation of quality and excellence receiving numerous awards from professional organizations.

J.D. shares his thoughts on small business marketing, and in the habit of Readers are Leaders,... great books are a foundation for him. You'll also tap into some fun stories he's been connected to throughout his long and distinguished career. Tune in and hear what living out your passion can sound like!

For J.D. and Vic's conversation just press play on the SoundCloud PodCast shared immeadiately below.

Leadership Low Down, hosted by Vic Verchereau, provides positive and practical principles for leaders who want to multiply their influence and take their team to the next level of effectiveness.

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