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Michigan Business Network Travels to China

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Chris Holman interviews Kong Shu Guang, Director General/Doctor from China Xiamen Municipal Tourism Bureau.

Welcome to the preview of the Michigan China Channel. In the very near future, the Michigan Business Network will be announcing the start up of its affiliate international network “Michigan China Channel.” The purpose of this network will be to enhance relationships between the world’s two largest economies. The Michigan China Network.com will utilize studios in Lansing, Michigan and Beijing, China, to create podcasts. There will be information available on the website as related to cultural, educational, and business exchange. The ultimate goal of the Michigan China Channel is to improve the mutual understanding of these two great countries and ensure a positive relationship as we move through the 21th century.

All of us at the Michigan Business Network look forward to serving you and helping you reach greater prosperity. On this page you will see a preview of they type of contact you can expect from the Michigan China Channel. We will also be relying on your feedback to aide us in our ability to continuously improve our service. We need to hear from you and consider you as a partner in this endeavor.

To see more photos from the Xiamen Press Conference click HERE

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