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Tapping into a Money Mindset

Be Investable
July 20, 2017 9:00 AM


Jesse Henry Co-Founder ‘Be Investable’ has been all around the country in recent years learning and speaking on what it takes to be successful. He researches investable businesses and investable entrepreneurs.  With Michael they discuss about tapping into the mindset of what generates interest for those with money, resources and capital in 2017.

Those with success are not sitting there waiting for things to happen, they are problem solvers, and speak in a language that resonates appropriately for the customer, the investor or their associates and co-workers. He also cites a fresh air of authenticity for these individuals and companies. He does warn there does need to be a balance for personality traits and business acumen. And with funds sitting on the sidelines today waiting for ideas, mitigating risk through great teams that stand out, is a strategy which helps.

Jesse also reviews 3 crucial gaps for those who wish to ‘Be Investable’, identity: who you are versus who you should be, intentions: what you want doing versus what your highest calling is, implementations: doing what need to be done against the things which serve highest good.

This just scratches the surface of the knowledge nuggets in this episode of “Be Investable” so be sure to check out all four segments of Michael and Jesse.

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Be Investable , hosted by Michael S. Melfi, and Jesse Henry (link to GetInvestable.com) digs deep into the biggest problem emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses face today – funding. Our show is about learning how to Be Investable. Learn from our guests what key investors are really looking for in leadership and management. Our guests are experienced, successful leaders and pioneers happy to discuss the road map for hacking fundraising, attracting mentors and manifesting investors. We look forward to you joining us on the show..

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