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The Abundant Life of Steve Acho

Be Investable
July 20, 2017 9:00 AM

steve acho.jpgSteve Acho is a Detroit-based singer-songwriter-pianist. He honed his stage skills performing standup comedy starting at the age of eight, and continued through high school. He taught himself to play piano, after being inspired by a Billy Joel concert his parents took him to.

A self-taught singer and piano player, he began performing in coffee houses, restaurants, bars, and private events in the Detroit area starting in 1993.

He has since entertained audiences from New York to California, and across the world from Italy to Australia and Japan.

His music has been featured on Michigan and national radio and TV. He is a favorite on Detroit morning shows, In 2013 Steve appeared on a popular Japanese TV show and wowed audiences with his renditions of Japanese pop songs.

His performances at corporate events across the U.S. include original songs tailored for each event, company or person (including former Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally).

He has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities. Among many other charitable ventures, he donates all proceeds from his Christmas album each year to feed the needy in the Detroit area.

He speaks with Michael Melfi for ‘Be Investable’ to cover success, an abundant life, technology staffing and consulting. The conversation builds around his tips including problem solving which others learn from to help their projects to Be Investable.

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