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The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum Episode 9 | Independent Music Awards Results

The Magic Hour
July 23, 2019 12:00 PM


A 6-part PodCast batch for the latest episode [9] of the Magic Hour with Michael McCallum

Jen and Michael discuss their trips to NYC and back for the recent Independent Music Awards. To hear their fun episode just press play on the PodCasts shared right below!

Here's your segment by segment summary for Michael and Jen's conversation which are in the PodCasts immediately above.The two discuss the Independent Music Awards and both of their travel ordeals getting to around and back from New York City.

411CEC98-503E-4573-90B8-25D3355C6B6B (1)1) Host Michael McCallum gives an update on Rebel Pictures' projects and introduces guest, talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit.


6CFF017E-FD1F-45E0-AC3E-A30714CC647A2) Host Michael McCallum continues the conversation with guest, and talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit. The two discuss their recent trip to New York City where they attended The Independent Music Awards and some. Their adventures there.

5DC1A082-454B-48F8-A163-87DBE83AE719 (1)3) Continued conversation with host Michael McCallum and his guest, talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit and their trip to NYC and the Independent Music Awards where both won in their respective categories.

IAT-cover-square (1)4) Host Michael McCallum continues conversation with guest, talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit. She talks about the inspiration for the album and working with her longtime friend, Dominic John Davis, her new album's producer.

063C2C5F-6FC5-4497-B781-46AD856C7780 (1)5) Host Michael McCallum and guest, talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit, continue the conversation and subjects are the making of her new album and how both she and McCallum have learned to work under tight budgets and schedules.

Image may contain: Michael McCallum, selfie, beard, closeup and indoor6) Wrap up with Host Michael McCallum as he and guest, talented singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit, talk about their Nightmare flying situations on their recent trip to and from from NYC.

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The Magic Hour, hosted by Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing M.A.G.I.C. -- the various aspects of Movies, Arts, Government, Independence, and Community and how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy -- translating to the rest of the business community. Jen Sygit's song, "Sinking Ship", is the theme song for this show!

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