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The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum Episode 24 | Eric Shalayko Creative during COVID19

The Magic Hour
August 17, 2020 3:00 PM


A 6-part PodCast batch for the tenth episode [24] of the Magic Hour with Michael McCallum for 2020.

Eric Shalayko is the guest for episode 24. This conversation has Michael welcoming a friend to "talk shop" about films and the quarantine and COVID-19 he's a talentedEditor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer,
In their discussions Eric covers COVID-19, career inspiration, mutual love of movies, collaboration, what he is doing and creativity. 
To hear this fun episode with Eric and Michael just press play on the PodCasts shared below!

Here's your segment by segment summary for Michael and  Eric Shalayko's conversation which are in the PodCasts immediately above.The two share Michigan, and creative community in their resumes, and discuss their own works. They are collaborate on work when possible tw. 

rpDuring this episode you'll hear:
1)  Host Michael McCallum continues the show from remote locations and introduces guest, Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, They trade war stories of their COVID19 test and what lead him into being creative.

received_5788587561460692) Host Michael McCallum continues the conversation with Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, Eric discusses movies that influenced him and how he got into filmmaking.

received_26865491983377213) Host Michael McCallum and his guest, Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, He describes his experience with the newly made short film for Rebel Pictures, Photalgia, and his feelings of theatres closing because of the virus. 

FB_IMG_15957331790944) Host Michael McCallum continues the conversation with guest,  Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, The conversation goes further in-depth on his experience of working on the recent Rebel Pictures' short film, Photalgia. 
FB_IMG_15957350963615) Host Michael McCallum and guest, Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, Eric tells some stories of Photalgia story ideas from co-workers and the differences in productions between two recent Rebel Pictures' films made during the pandemic, Choices and Photalgia. 
FB_IMG_15957351880476) Wrap up with Host Michael McCallum as he and Editor, Writer, Videographer and Photographer, Eric Shalayko, Eric gives advice to listeners and discusses competition films and future projects. 
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