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The Business of Modeling

Show Biz Weekly
April 6, 2018 4:00 PM


Segment 1: EXCLUSIVE! BCB returns to SBW- Brandon Cole Bailey is a part of fashion history. At the tender age of 14/15, he was sent into a model agency after being scouted. He was immediately welcomed and tagged ‘a Ken Doll” because of his strong jaw line, crystal clear dark blue eyes, and smile. The doors flew open and for the next 5-6 years the life of traveling, and modeling all over the world was a dream come true. Now, at 22 the “not tall enough for runway” successful model, who has walked many runways is back and he’s sharing his story of coming out as a gay man and being let go by a modeling agency. To becoming an icon of what is possible if you believe in yourself!

Segment 2: Brandon Cole Bailey, shares with us the health scare that started while on location shooting his second book. What was thought to be a simple ear infection turned out to be much worse and the ups and downs of a life threatening illness became an ordeal Bailey never wants repeated in his life.

Segment 3: Our exclusive story on Brandon Cole Bailey continues and he shares the incredible story of his 2-month bed rest, the life that he humbly accepts as a “amazing place to be”, and his new found business decisions that includes joining Taylor Kelsaw Management as his Mother Agency for modeling and other interests. Look for the return or the rise like the Phoenix, of Brandon Cole Bailey soon, and in the mean time check him out at www.brandoncolebailey.nyc to see more, and check him out on IG- #itsreallyken, and Facebook.  Bailey’s advice to the up and comers “Treat this as a business, and be in charge, be an entrepreneur” …

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Show Biz Weekly, hosted by Taylor Kelsaw and Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing various aspects of how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy and how their situations translate to the rest of the business community.

12:00 PM every Friday
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