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Pure Lansing : Lansing Regional SmartZone and Lansing Economic Area Partnership Collaborate

Pure Lansing
November 16, 2023 6:00 PM

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to Launch Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program

EAST LANSING, Mich.—(Nov. 16, 2023)—The Lansing Regional SmartZone (LRSZ), recognized for its commitment to innovation, today announced a pioneering collaboration with the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) to introduce the Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program.

A transformative capacity-building initiative, the Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program aims to increase the number of tech startups in the region while ensuring greater representation and diversity within the tech community. As part of the program, the Lansing Regional SmartZone has allocated funds to create two new positions serving as dedicated program ambassadors. 

“By fostering inclusivity and increasing access to resources, we can unlock the full potential of the local tech community," said Lansing Regional SmartZone Executive Director Harrison Leffel-Jones. "The Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program is a remarkable partnership between the Lansing Regional SmartZone and LEAP, and aligns with our commitment to nurturing innovation and expanding our region's tech landscape.” 

The program’s ambassadors will bridge the gap between diverse communities and the wealth of existing resources in the region, with a mission to enhance accessibility for individuals from all backgrounds to engage with opportunities available for launching and growing tech businesses.   

"The Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program is a pivotal step toward making Greater Lansing a more inclusive and vibrant tech community," said LEAP Chief Equity Development Officer Tony Willis. "As an organization committed to equitable economic development, we are excited to join forces with the Lansing Regional SmartZone and work together to power a more diverse and interconnected tech ecosystem."   

The Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program aims to achieve several key outcomes, including increasing the number of tech businesses established by diverse founders, boosting the involvement of diverse entrepreneurs in existing events, and catalyzing the growth of new programs and events dedicated to fostering interconnectivity within the Greater Lansing tech community. As for the meaning behind diverse, it is focused on all types of diversity including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, veteran, and resettled.  

For more information about the Inclusive Tech Ambassador Program and the partnership between the Lansing Regional SmartZone and LEAP, please visit https://lansingregionalsmartzone.com/current-programs/ 

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