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When a Calendar and an Area Code Collide LansingMADE#517Day

Michigan Business Beat
May 15, 2019 3:30 PM


The 517 Day Celebration returns to Lansing Friday and Saturday, May 17 and 18. It is a free to attend two day festival that celebrates Lansing’s people, culture, and diversity.

Festivities will include Lansing area based cuisine, venues, music, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses.

“It’s a party of the people for the people,” said festival organizer, Metro Melik Brown. He joined Chris Holman in the MBN studio days ahead of this year's event, listen and find out more!

To hear Melik and Chris discuss #517Day click play on the PodCast shared below.

“I love this city and I love what we have to offer. I wanted to create family friendly event that would bring us together as a community to celebrate the culture that exists here in Lansing.”

Originally the 517 Day Celebration began as an online concept. Online media group, Lansing
Made used the hashtag “#517Day” as a way to highlight the people, places, and entities within the Metro Lansing.

“Last year we took #517Day offline and brought it into the real world,” Brown said, “We filled the
Lansing City Market with food, music, and fun.”

After starting the 517 Day Celebration last year, Brown received so much positive feedback that
he decided to expand the concept. This year’s celebration incorporates three venues including The Fledge, the Lansing Center, and Cooley Law School Stadium. Some of Lansing’s favorite food truck vendors are scheduled to attend, including Shove It Pizza, Fire and Rice, Clyde’s Pit, and Got Smoke BBQ. Arcadia Lansing Smokehouse will be offering their fine fare as well. There will also be a cash bar available at both the Lansing Center and Cooley Law Stadium. The 517 Day Celebration lineup embraces a number of Lansing area favorites including Global Village, Root Doctor, Tell Yo Mama, and more. In regard to music, Brown spoke about how his goal was to feature a range of genres.

“Lansing is a diverse community,” said Brown, “I wanted the music to reflect that as well, so we
have everything from funk to country to blues and beyond as a part of the celebration.”
With only a minimal budget, last year’s 517 Day Celebration saw over 400 visitors. This year,
Brown says his definitely expecting an even better turnout.

“Well, rain or shine, my family will be there no matter what,” Brown laughed, “No, I’m seriously
doing this for the love of Lansing. I certainly hope to see this become an annual event for many years to come so I certainly hope it brings in even more people this year.”

For more information on the 517 Day Celebration, visit 517Day.com 

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