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Whatever you have, this company can make sure it gets transported

Business Next
November 2, 2016 11:00 AM

FullSizeRender-2yv7kslioz053vd2twzvuy.jpgMichael Rogers, vice president communications for the Small Business Association of Michigan, talks with Al Samouelian Chief Strategy Officer for RPM Logistics.

The company has achieved a rare 3-Year-in-a-Row distinction by Inc. Magazine on their yearly Inc. 500/5000 list with the rankings of # 207 in 2016, # 195 in 2015, and # 274 in 2014. They have also been awarded the honor of “Cool Places to Work in Michigan” by Crain’s Detroit Business in both 2016 & 2014 (held every 2 years). Additionally, in less than a 2 year time-frame RPM has grown to become the largest and fastest growing non-asset transportation provider in the North American Vehicle Remarketing industry.

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