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The Rise of "Chocolate and Cigarettes"

Show Biz Weekly
March 29, 2017 3:00 AM


Today Show Biz Weekly with Taylor Kelsaw & Michael McCallum, welcomes the return of writer/director Dave Tappan who brings fresh news and updates about his film short " Chocolate and Cigarettes! You’re gonna love hearing Taylor saying over and over again, "If you loved LaLa Land, you're going to love "Chocolate and Cigarettes". The talented Tappan, has created a film that you will leave you wanting....Please go to their page and let them know you want to see this exceptional short film that was written, directed, and in the can by Tappan before LaLa Land was even released. The film also stars SBW's own Michael McCallum, like you never seen before. #michiganfilms #filmshorts #festivals #sundancefilmfestival #sundance #worldwide #music #dance #acting #hollywood #michigan #fisherbuilding #detroit #independantproductions #films #edburns #michaelmoore #supportmichiganartists

Segment 2:  Convo with Tappan continues and he shares the writing for film experience he approaches with completion. He likes his stories finished before filming begins. His objectives must be to have something to visualize that was on paper. In Chocolate and Cigarettes, Tappan tells the story of: After a long shift, a flight attendant makes a mess for himself when he tries to woo his beautiful co-worker.

Segment 3: Tappan shares what it was like working with SBW Co-host : McCallum who plays the lead in the film. McCallum brings insight in how he took his performance a place he hadn’t visited before. McCallum also shares how Tappan allowed him to develop his character in play it several ways for the director to choose from.

Segment 4Nutella, yes the Italian hazelnut, chocolaty goodness has a co-starring role in the film or as Taylor points out in product placement land is “a hero prop”  Taylor shares a childhood story from Italy (the birth place of Nutella) which was immediately followed by Tappan’s own story up living there for 4 years and shares that this is where his love of the European breakfast, and lunch time sweet, chocolate treat is often served.

Segment 5: Tappan shares advice to upcoming filmmakers, make the film. Write, write, and write. Depend on feedback and listen to your crew and actors.  He also shared that he enjoyed working with Michael, and that he has “Detroit Diamonds” a film he is working up ahead. “Chocolate and Cigarettes” has been submitted to over 30 film festivals around the globe, and he will plan on a Detroit and Lansing showings this summer 2017. Find out more here! http://www.chocolateandcigarettesfilm.com/



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