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Millennial Expectation of Tech, Panera Bread & More I.T. News

Bottom Line IT
April 13, 2018 2:00 PM

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Segment 1
The Millennial Expectation of Technology in the Workplace https://www.forbes.com/sites/paycom/2017/03/08/the-millennial-expectation-of-technology-in-the-workplace/#36f2e25e4a50

Surveys and research have revealed that millennials actually are driven and motivated by a number of things – mostly centered around technology. Millennials have had more screen time than any other generation in history. They no longer ask for sufficient technology at their jobs; they expect it.

Segment 2
Panera Bread leaked customer data on its website for eight months

Panera Bread was made aware eight months ago by Dylan Houlihan that its website was leaking customer data. The breach shows customer data in plain text for any customer who signed up to order food on Panera’s website. Houlihan contacted Panera multiple times. Panera had no comment as to why it allowed the problem to exist for so long after being made aware of it August 2017.

Segment 3   
A Workplace That Works: Designing a Productive Office


How an office is designed can impact employee’s performance, mood and efficiency. This article goes into why creating different workspace environments within one office can help employees perform at their best.

Segment 4
Investors Put Cyb
ersecurity Top of the Business Threat List

Investors see cyber attacks as the biggest threat to business. The study found that 41% of investors and analysts are now extremely concerned about cyber threats, seeing it as the largest threat to business, rising to first from fifth place in 2017.

Segment 5
Harassment by emojis – the newest headache for HR

71% of Americans use emojis, stickers, or GIFs when texting or using mobile messaging apps. While emojis can be fun and add levity to the work environment, emoji use is basically another form of slang.

ALTERNATIVE: Equifax sent erroneous letters to breach victims

The  Equifax breach continues to get worse. After Equifax’s massive data breach, they notifed some people using inaccurate letters. According to Equifax, only a “small percentage” of notifications were sent to the wrong addresses. In addition, those affected has gone from 143 million to 147.9 million.

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Under Armour deftly manages breach, dodges GDPR scrutiny https://www.scmagazine.com/under-armour-deftly-manages-breach-dodges-gdpr-scrutiny/article/755186/

150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were compromised. Under Armour is being praised by some for keeping payment information separate from profile information, and for handling the situation in the manner they did. Because breaches at the likes of Boeing and the City of Atlanta “have become common enough to barely make the news,” Ray said “most consumers are becoming a bit desensitized …And if one breach makes news, there are ten that don't.”

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