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Michigan First Credit Union and their Full-Time Concierge Service for their Employees

Business Next
February 16, 2017 12:30 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.46.15 AM.pngMichael Rogers, communications officer for the Small Business Association of Michigan, talks with Patty Jones, Chief Human Resource Officer Michigan First Credit Union. Recognizing that outside stressors are taking a toll on its employees' health and quality of work, Lathrup Village-based Michigan First Credit Union last year launched a full-time concierge service for its employees. As part of this service, employees can have the concierge do their grocery shopping, get your tires changed, pick up a prescription, etc.—making it easier for employees to concentrate on their work responsibilities and deliver an elevated client experience. Patty talks about:

• The benefits Michigan First has seen as a result of this program, with a particular focus on employee health and work performance;

• Tips on how small business owners can develop and implement similar programs that meet their employees' needs; and

• Ways to measure the programs success to ensure businesses are on track for a healthy year.

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