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MICHBio | Kick-Off Reception for JP Morgan Healthcare Week

Michigan Business Network
December 27, 2018 2:00 PM

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Biotech Associations Reception @ JPMorgan 2019

January 6th | The Marker Hotel, San Francisco

Join us for THE kick-off event of the JPMorgan Week!

In 2014, a small group of state bioscience associations banded together to sponsor a reception on the Sunday evening before the start of the annual JPM Conference. Since then, the event has grown from just 150 attendees to over 800 registrants, and is now arguably the most visible and best attended kick-off reception of the JPM week!

The goal of the Biotech Associations Wine Reception is to bring together JPM participants from across the globe at a single event driven by select bioscience trade groups, attesting to the number and breadth of association members who attend the JPM event.

This year, the associations have each capped their total registrants to ensure the event does not exceed the capacity of the space. 



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Members SAVE!

Enter MichBio2019 in the VIP code field on the registration form.


Biotech Showcase @JPM2019

January 7-9 | San Francisco, CA




The investor conference that drives the future of drug development.


Biotech Showcase™ is an investor and networking conference devoted to providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies with an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors and pharmaceutical executives in one place during the course of one of the industry's largest annual healthcare investor conferences. Investors and biopharmaceutical executives from around the world gather in San Francisco during this bellwether week which sets the tone for the coming year.

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 January 7-9 | San Francisco, CA

All Biotech Showcase™ attendees have full access to the Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase.

The Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase is the dedicated home for the digital health and medtech communities during Biotech Showcase™ and one of the healthcare industry's biggest weeks. 

Who attends?

  • Digital medicine and therapeutic companies
  • Medtech companies
  • Pharma, biotech and tech companies
  • Foundations, angels and family offices
  • Venture capital, private equity, institutional investors
  • Buy- and sell-side analysts


  • Full Biotech Showcase participation
  • Three days of digital medicine and medtech programming
  • Infinite networking opportunities
  • Curated company presentations
  • Specialized sessions

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