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Local Startup Wimage Partners with Kent District Library to Launch a new Interactive Program amid School Closures

Michigan Business Network
March 26, 2020 1:00 PM

Image result for Kent District LibraryWimage or Words to Images created a program to engage with early learners online

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Wednesday, March 25) – Wimage or “Words to Images” a local early education and creative company has experienced an immediate impact from school closures due to social distancing and now the shelter-in-place mandate. As students adjust to school from home, Wimage has taken steps to still empower young learners from the comfort of their couch rather than classroom.

Ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak, Wimage was in the middle of a school contract tour to visit a 100 local classrooms and libraries in three months. The tour was set to encourage students to learn how to become authors, storytellers and animators using the Wimage application whose mascot is a Robotic puppet named Wimee. Wimee and his book Wimee’s Words travelled to each school weekly but as a result of the school closures Wimage was only able to complete 15% of the tour.

In recognizing that the situation is out of our hands and that the economy is in uncharted territory Wimage has decided to create an online program that would still engage directly with young learners through Wimee’s Words, the book written by Stephanie Kammeraad.  Wimee’s Words the web series inspired by said book was illustrated using the Wimage app with help from local Grand Rapids designers led by author and children’s entertainer Kevin Kammeraad.  

“The book Wimee's Words is a simple and playful concept book that ignites creative exploration of words and images,” said Michael Hyacinthe, Founder of Wimage. “It features vehicles and colors along with strong verbs, prepositions, and alliteration. This app is a feast of fun and educational content that young readers will want to read time and time again.”

Inspired by the book the new series will take three words submitted by students, parents or teachers and create a story with those specific words. Once we receive the words Wimee tells a story and creates an image using the Wimage app that helps to visualize the story. The goal is to get kids to think about words that can help them be creative while still helping them expand their vocabulary and literacy skills through creativity.  

This is a project that we are certain is beneficial while young learners are home during the COVID-19 school closures and beyond. The program will be available to all kids free by visiting http://www.wimee.tv/ where students can submit words and see the works created by their peers using the Wimage app.

Wimee’s Words is only possible through strong collaborations and partnerships with local partners that recognize the importance of continued interactions with students during this time. 

We are excited that the Kent District Library has continued helping promote and distribute Wimee’s Words to all their members.

Wimage is an education and creative technology company that encourages children’s storytelling through innovations and entertainment directly in schools and homes. Our mobile application and video platform bring kids into an interactive world where their imaginations become a reality. At Wimage we’re turning content consumers into content producers and empowering a new generation of imaginative learners. Find more information on our website and Facebook.


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