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Lisa Enos New Film Wins Award

Show Biz Weekly
December 15, 2017 1:00 PM

Lisa Enos.jpgLisa Enos- Grand Rapids filmmaker, director, actress, producer, and writer returns to Show Biz Weekly with a new film “State of Modern Love”, and starring Michigan actor Daniel Falicki. Enos’ scripted and directs this production that she began writing back in 2015, the film was personal and revealing yet a strengthening project of reality from it’s author.

Lisa Enos- “The State of Modern Love” has already been awarded twice as Best International Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in Australia, and Enos was awarded Best International Director.

“(The title is) a bit of a play on words, because my main character travels from Los Angeles back to his home state of Michigan during the Christmas holiday,” Enos has said.

Sticking to the plot, the film was shot in Los Angeles and parts of Michigan; Ludington, Lake Michigan in the winter, and Grand Rapids, at the JW Marriot Hotel and Rumors Nightclub and on the streets of East Grand Rapids. “Probably 90 percent of the actors in it are from Grand Rapids.”

Enos praised Grand Rapids as a city with a strong theater community that breeds talented actors.

Enos grew up in Ludington, and later attended Michigan State University. After graduating, she moved out of state and started her career. As she made movies, she lived in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and Bucharest, Romania. Now, she’s living locally and staying busy, working on a couple film projects. Find Enos and more on her work at: lakeshoredriveproductions.net

“The State of Modern Love”
Tuesday, Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m.
Celebration! Cinema North
2121 Celebration Dr. NE, Grand Rapids


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