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Lansing United team members visit Sparrow Children’s Center Patients

Michigan Business Network
June 17, 2017 12:00 PM


Members of Lansing’s own National Premier Soccer League team, Lansing United, visited young Patients at the Sparrow Children’s Center. The athletes entertained and thrilled youngsters with their soccer skills and stories of playing top-flight competition.

The visit is part of the community service that has been a trademark of Lansing United since forming three years ago.

In the PodCast shared below Jeffrey Mosher speaks with Jeremy Sampson, President & CEO of the Lansing United. They discuss the history of the team, the players who participate, the cities who they compete against, and earlier corporate philanthropy.  This year instead of giving to several great projects the Lansing United is focused on raising funds in connection with Sparrow's soon to open Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.  


The interview is followed by some time spent in a patient's room. He recently injured his arm, but is a soccer goalie in some youth leagues around Lansing. The Lansing United players shared an autographed soccer ball and an official jersey with him.


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