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Inside An Actors World with Chad Michael Collins

Show Biz Weekly
October 16, 2017 6:00 PM

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Segment 1- On this second time to visit with us on SBW, Chad Michael Collins (Chad Michael Collins is best known for playing the franchise lead role 'Master Sgt Brandon Beckett' across four successful Sony Pictures "Sniper" films. As the son of original star Tom Berenger's 'Master Gunnery Sgt Thomas Beckett', Collins has played alongside his pops as well as Billy Zane and Dennis Haysbert across four films. He recently wrapped principal photography on "Sniper: Homeland Security" in Bogota, Colombia with Berenger and Zane) is welcomed back and he’s got a lot going on in his busy life as an actor/ producer. In credibly, but not surprisingly, the established actor has continue to ride the acting world since 2005 when he began his career professionally. Since that time, Collins has appeared in numerous television shows, and films.

Segment 2-Collins tells us the newest vehicle he stars in “Extinct” that just streamed eight (8) episodes of the original episode, was a blast to make. The show just launched on www.byutv.com The synopsis: Four hundred years after the extinction of the human race, a small group of humans is revived by an alien civilization, and  well you’re going to have to tune check it out to see what happens. Collins does share that the making of the show was a great bunch of fun and the cast and crew were more than fantastic to work with.

Segment 3- Collins, continues with updates on his life as an actor. The current release of the fourth installment of his work in the role of Brandon Becket, in the “SNIPER” films dropped during the same week of the Las Vegas shooting on the crowd of 22,000, injuring 489 and taking he lives of 58. The subject must be handled lightly and Collins is first to be on board to recognize the impact of a film’s release and unfortunate timing to a “real life event.”  He and all of his co-stars of the series of films conduct themselves with the complete understanding of the impact of our nation is undergoing and must undertake the healing necessary. You can find Chad Michael Collins and a list of his credits on the www.imdb.com http://www.imdb.me/chadmichaelcollins page or you can follow and meet him virtually online at Facebook, Instagram and more.

Show Biz Weekly, hosted by Taylor Kelsaw and Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing various aspects of how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy and how their situations translate to the rest of the business community.

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