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Inaugural Episode | The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum

The Magic Hour
January 22, 2019 3:00 PM

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Michael McCallum of Rebel Pictures returns after hiatus to Michigan Business Network with a new show "The Magic Hour". Listen to his first six segments of a show set to stream weekends on MBN.

Find out all about his father, and what M.A.G.I.C. is all about in the show's title. Here's a breakdown of what you'll hear about on this First Episode!

1) Intro to The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum and background Jeffrey "The Cleaner" Mosher and Michael McCallum's involvement with the MBN and Show Biz Weekly and how he became a frequent guest, guest co host and official co host before branching out for his own show. Jen Sygit's song, "Sinking Ship", is mentioned as the theme song for the NEW show.

2) Intro to Michael McCallum's Father, and our first guest, actor/writer/producer William C. McCallum. William's background in advertising, radio and how the two first started working together in film. It started with the short film, The Tin God and is as recently as the Rebel Pictures' short, Breaking Wheel.

3) Continued conversation on acting/films and collaboration with host Michael McCallum and his Father/guest, actor/writer/producer, William C. McCallum.

4) Host Michael McCallum and his Father/guest, actor/writer/producer, William C. McCallum discuss the 2018 year in review and Michael talks about his traveling to the American Film Market, Chicago Underground Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival and Traverse City Film Festival to support fellow filmmaker and dear friend, Rudy Valdez, and his powerful documentary, The Sentence.

5) Host Michael McCallum talks about the Grand Rapids Film Festival's 36 Hour Film Challenge and the Art & Craft Beer Fest in Lansing's REO Town. Both event happen in early Feb. Festival updates for their film company, Rebel Pictures, are also mentioned.

6) Outro with Host Michael McCallum and his Father/guest, actor/writer/producer, William C. McCallum. Expectations and future projects in 2019 are discussed as also the direction of the NEW show.


Listen to full episode by clicking on the PodCast below!

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The Magic Hour, hosted by Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing M.A.G.I.C. -- the various aspects of Movies, Arts, Government, Independence, and Community and how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy -- translating to the rest of the business community. Jen Sygit's song, "Sinking Ship", is the theme song for this show!

10:00 AM every Saturday/Sunday
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