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Granger Company - A Christian Company with Strong Ethics and Integrity

Equity Equals
April 11, 2016 10:06 AM

Granger Company - A Christian Company With Strong Ethics And IntegrityMultiplicity's hosts, Stephanie Butler and Mike Winter talk with Keith Granger, CEO of Granger Company, about the company and its philosophy of doing business.

History of Granger
Their story begins in the 1960s, when a resourceful construction company operated by the Granger brothers purchased its first truck and began hauling its own construction debris. Soon after, Granger began hauling trash for other construction companies and commercial customers. Over time, this family-owned and operated business based in Lansing, Michigan, evolved into a comprehensive environmental management service company.

1973. As owner and operator of two landfills in the greater Lansing area, Granger is committed to the responsible environmental disposal of municipal solid waste. 1985 when it became the first company in Michigan to make practical use of landfill gas for renewable energy production. Today, Granger Energy Services has 10 electric plants and five direct-use projects in Michigan and other parts of the country.

In 1989, they opened the Granger Recycling Center, which consists of a 110,000-square foot recycling area, including a 16,000-square foot processing center where paper grades, plastics and metals are prepared for the commodity markets.

One of the founders of the company, Jerry Granger, perhaps expressed Granger's business philosophy best: "By showing faith through integrity, we can continue to differentiate ourselves." As Granger's history transitions into our future, we rely on forward-thinking innovation to move the company ahead, while continuing to rely on the core values that helped us get where we are today.

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