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Foresight Group a History of Growth

Michigan Business Beat
March 27, 2017 3:00 PM


Chris Holman spoke recently with Stacey Trzeciak, Sales Manager, Foresight Group, Lansing/Ann Arbor MI.

Exciting news for them is that Foresight Group has acquired Stamprite supersine inc., this continues a tradition for Foresight in growth through acquisition. Bill Christofferson went into business in 1982 with Colonial Printing of Lansing. He purchased Lansing Printing in 1996 (founded in 1905) with partner Jeff Donahue. They added the mail division in 1997, originally named Mailsource.

They purchased Creative Media Inc. around 1999. Right around 2000 we changed the name to Foresight Group to encompass all the services we provided. In 2006, Bill bought Jeff Donahue out of the business. They still continue to be friends and Jeff is the attorney for most of our acquisitions.

In 2011 they bought Huron Valley Printing and Imaging in Ann Arbor. They had a sales office but no production in Ann Arbor. In 2014, White Pine Printers in Ann Arbor was a next purchase and allowed them to start producing in Ann Arbor again.

Foresight Group added one more shop to the Ann Arbor location in June of 2016 with the acquisition of Goetzcraft Printers. In November of 2015, adding Logan Brothers printing to their Lansing staff. During all of these acquisitions, they kept the staff of each company. They moved their staff into our Lansing facility.

Foresight Group also then acquired Discount Signs December 2015 and Stamprite Supersine in February of 2016. Now they literally have over 1,000 years of experience on their staff.

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