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Delta Dental | Free Senior Lunch Program Offers Oral Health Assessments, Nutrition Lessons

Michigan Business Network
July 17, 2018 4:00 PM


Wednesday, July 18 at noon

WHAT:  Nearly one-fifth of adults 65 years and older have untreated tooth decay which is almost entirely preventable. The Delta Dental Foundation and its partners are launching the local Serving Smiles to Seniors program for the third year to educate seniors on proper oral care and connect them with local resources. 


Spearheaded by the Delta Dental Foundation, the program is a partnership with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services, Tri-County Office on Aging, Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan and Smiles on Wheels.

Serving Smiles to Seniors lunchSeniors will be treated to lunch funded by the Delta Dental Foundation, oral health bingo, an oral health education session and—new to the program this year—oral health screenings performed by Smiles on Wheels Registered Dental Hygienist staff.

Assessments will be offered at most sites and will begin at 9:30 a.m. All seniors will receive a list of local clinics where they can receive further oral health care, and those who elect to have a screening will receive a patient care plan. At the end of the assessments screenings and education session, seniors are given care and education resources, and an oral health kit complete with oral care supplies.

Also new to the program is 2018 is a nutrition education session. Presented by a registered dietician, the session was added to educate seniors on the connection between oral health and overall health, and to encourage healthy food and beverage choices.  Seniors will learn about the major food groups, serving sizes and reading nutrition labels.

To RSVP for a meal, call 571-372-6671.

WHY: Seniors have a higher risk of oral health complications that can impact their overall health and quality of life, and many of them have problems accessing affordable care.   

WHEN: Wednesday, July 18 at noon  

WHERE: Helping Hands, 201 Hillside Ct., East Lansing, MI 48933

INFO: For more information about the program and locations, call Tasha Stetler at 517-887-1393.


About Delta Dental of Michigan

Delta Dental of Michigan and its affiliates in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee collectively are among the largest dental plan administrators in the nation. In 2016, the enterprise paid out $3.6 billion for dental care for 12.8 million members. Offices are located in Okemos and Farmington Hills, Michigan; Sherwood and Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina; Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dublin, Ohio; and Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee.

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