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Creating the Perfect Employee for Your Company

Michigan Business Beat
July 23, 2018 4:00 PM

CAMW! logoEdythe Hatter-Williams CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works! joins CEO/Founder Chris Holman to cover the invaluable resources available to employees at CAMW!

Information provided by CAMW!

● What many people don’t know about Capital Area Michigan Works! is that our workshops and classes aren’t just for job seekers. New employees take a bit of time before getting comfortable in a workplace and many might not realize some of the skills they need to thrive. 

● We offer several workshops to better prepare our region’s talent for success. I highly recommend new hires to attend our Soft Skills in the Workplace, Computer Basics and Goal Setting workshops. These workshops are catered toward those hoping to brush up on their preexisting skills. 

● As an employer, you can encourage your employees to attend our free workshops at one of our three Capital Area Michigan Works! American Job Centers located in Lansing, St. Johns and Charlotte. 

● Businesses can also help an employee by regularly checking up on them. Reach out to see what they think is working and what isn’t. Encourage them to ask questions and provide detailed answers. Ensuring your employee is comfortable goes a long way and increases the likelihood of employee retention. 

● The culture of a business says a lot about the work being done each day as well as the type of employees it attracts. Making sure your business is inclusive and caring toward employees is important. 

● Including your new employee in meetings will help them become better acquainted with those around them as well as helping them learn the material. 

● Train your new hire and walk them through it. This one is obvious but many companies surprisingly skip over this important step. Make sure they understand what they will be working with day-to-day before getting fully immersed. 

● After your new hire’s training is complete, provide them with a list of go-to resources for when they might get stuck.

● Lastly, the most important tip for client on-boarding is to be available. Make yourself available to your new employee. As a manager or colleague you can make your employee’s transition easier. The more time you invest in your new hire when they start, the faster they will transition into the role of a great employee.

To hear Edee's interview with Chris, please click on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast shared below!

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