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Commanding Film Brings Awareness to Flint's Water Crisis

Show Biz Weekly
June 9, 2017 10:00 AM


Part 1: Independent filmmaker Liv Larsen studied filmmaking at MSU’s College of Communications Arts and Science. Her studies introduced her to many styles of work and projects which has lead her to become a director and now producer of the outstanding “From Flint: Voices of a Poison City”,

Release dateApril 28, 2016 (USA)
Music composed byBen Coberly
ProducerLiv Larsen
CinematographyIzak Gracy
Executive producerBob Albers
EditorLauren Selewski
CastMelissa MaysKathi HortonEugene DavisJulie Lynn Ledford DurbinAlexis HarveyMichael HoodEd McBroom

Part 2: Liv Larsen: The commanding film takes you inside the depths of the devastating lead contaminated water lines system that plagues a major and economically challenged city. Sadly, the system still, over one year since the release of the film has not been completely repaired. The impact of the poisoning is heard through the actual victims in this story and it is brought up how filmmaking from this vantage point must have some toil on the mind set when you are both revealing a story, but also knowing the there’s little hope of repair. Human lives have been changed forever. You can find the film’s presence on every platform and make sure you do. This is important information that has not reached the larger audience yet and you help and support invaluable to change that, so go help make this a story that is told over and over again until real help begins to materialize.

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