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Capital Area Michigan Works! Who They Serve and What They Do! Part 2

Michigan Business Beat
August 24, 2015 11:30 AM

Regional BusinessJeffrey Mosher sits down with Teri Sand, Business Services Team (BST) Leader, Capital Area Michigan Works! (CAMW!), Lansing, MI, to continue a discussion about the BST:

  • There is no cost to use their service, state tax dollars are used.
  • They are not limited to job seekers who visit CAMW! at CAMW! branches, Pure Michigan Talent Bank System or candidates on Pure Michigan Talent Connect.
  • They seek to share job leads as widely as possible, to get a diverse candidate pool, while striving for best possible candidates.
  • BST is not a staffing agency and doesn’t know candidates individually, they work closely with agencies in the city.
    • They are job developers (the employer is the customer, not the job seekers).
  • An example of a successful employer-BST relationship: a client that maintains complete dialogue through all processes of the engagement process.
  • Who should employers contact for more information: Terrysand@camw.com

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