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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox and Erik Jacobsen

Bottom Line IT
September 20, 2018 3:00 PM

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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox and Erik Jacobsen
September 18, 2018

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Segment 1
TSB boss Paul Pester to step down after IT fiasco
Imagine you hop online to check your bank account, only to discover you don’t have access to it. You immediately get that sinking feeling – something must be terribly wrong. That is the feeling that many customers felt earlier this April. What happened? TSB attempted to move its data to a new computer system. Needless to say, the data migration didn’t go as planned. Months later, more problems arose in August. TSB is under fire for its poor IT planning, which caused customers to be locked out of their accounts, and worse yet, some customers received confidential data of others.

IMG_6762 (3)Segment 2
Ten years ago, Google launched its Chrome browser, which is now the most used internet browser. As Google looks at what the ten years looks like, one thing is true: whatever Google does will have a major impact on how we use the web. So what is Google considering? Well, Google wants to “fundamentally rethinking URLs across the web.” Why? Their reasoning is that URLs have become increasingly difficult to individuals to understand and read. Could it be because there is too much content on the web that URLs can no longer be simple?

Segment 3
Skype finally adds call recording
Here at ASK, we are big fans of Microsoft’s office productivity tools, including Skype. Skype allows us and our clients to communicate effectively over online meetings and instant chat. Many of our team members use this tool daily to communicate with one another, and even with our clients. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when Skype finally announced they were adding call recording!

Segment 4
Critical Flaw in Fortnite Android App Lets Hackers Install Malware
For many of us, we don’t think twice about downloading apps and games onto our cell phones and tablets. In fact, many of our kids have mobile devices and download games every single day. We don’t think twice about whether the apps we’re downloading are secure or not, or whether malware is being downloaded without us even knowing. Epic Games recently announced that their game Fortnite had a major security flaw for Android devices.

Segment 5
Firefox's New Browser Will Keep Brands From Stalking You
Mozilla’s Firefox is hearing the complaints so many of us have about online advertising, and taking the necessary steps to make it more difficult for companies to serve us ads. The ultimate goal is to protect users’ privacy and get back to the basics of what the internet once was – not full of ads that is. Firefox plans to come out with updates that will automatically block tracking codes installed by third parties for advertising purposes.

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Chrome wants to help you stop recycling the same damn passwords
We preach quite a bit about password security and password managers. While we strongly suggest using a password manager like LastPass and not using Google’s built in password manager, we can agree on one thing: “For security reasons, you really shouldn't use the same password for everything.” Earlier this month, Google released a built-in password manager that generates a random password when you sign up for a new account on a website. It begs the question though: is it secure? Even with all Google is doing, are they protecting your randomly generated passwords?

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