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Bottom Line I.T. With Guest Speaker: Sue Garrity

Bottom Line IT
November 1, 2018 11:00 AM


Bottom Line I.T. with Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox
Guest Speaker: Sue Garrity
October 30, 2018

Segment 1
Security Robots on Patrol

It looks like R2D2’s brother, but it is in fact a security patrol robot. Equipped with laser beams and sonar sensors, this security robot weighs about 400lbs. One benefit to the security robot is that it has 360 degree HD cameras, thermal imaging and can detect humans. It also allows companies to increase their security footprint and cover a larger area in a short amount of time.

Segment 2
Retail IoT: Walmart's IoT patent filing might be the creepiest ever

Walmart is hoping to take things up a notch by adding biometric sensors in the shopping-cart handles to gather data on how their shoppers feel while shopping. The sensors would pick up information like the shopper’s heart-rate, grip strength and stress levels. This information would then be connected to things like how a shopper feels about the background music, interactions with store employees and even their reactions to store displays. Is Walmart taking things too far?

Segment 3
First look: Facebook unveils Portal video calling devices for the home with Alexa

While Facebook IS under quite a bit of fire lately, they continue to press forward with innovation. Facebook’s Portal and Portal+ is the new voice-controlled, video-calling device. These devices connect with Amazon’s Alexa to allow for face-to-face communications, view photos, videos and receive birthday notifications. The devices have some features and characteristics of the social media network, but it does not include things like the Facebook newsfeed. The biggest concern seems to surround privacy. Facebook says it can’t listen to, record or store Portal calls and videos but some people are still skeptical.

Segment 4: Guest Speaker Sue Garrity
Sue Garrity joins us today from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. As the Senior Director of Information Systems & Technology, Sue supports the MI Chamber staff in the usage of technology and managing technology change throughout the organization. To learn more about the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, visit https://www.michamber.com/

Segment 5: Why Two-Factor Authentication is so Important
Guest Speaker: Sue Garrity

Two-Factor Authentication is one way a company can make a stronger defense towards keeping their data safe. While 2FA can seem like ‘one more thing’ for your staff to do, it certainly warrants a great deal of consideration. By implementing 2FA, you are creating an extra barrier between a hacker and your data. Without 2FA, all a hacker needs is your email address and password – which we’ve learned how incredibly easy it can be for a hacker to guess passwords. When 2FA is implemented, it send the user a notification and requires the user to take action to grant access to the account.

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
U.S. government domain officials to start using 2FA

The US government will be rolling out two-factor authentication for officials who manage the government domains to help prevent DNS hijacking. While this is a great step in the right direction, we can’t help but ask why this wasn’t done sooner. 2FA has been around for quite a while and it seems as though this should have been implemented months, if not years, ago. The government will be using Google Authenticator, which that decision alone has experts debating if that is the best platform for implementing their 2FA.


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