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Bottom Line I.T. with Amy Mumby, Mike Maddox and Guest Speaker John Forsberg

Bottom Line IT
December 14, 2018 10:00 AM

John Forsberg

Bottom Line I.T. with Amy Mumby and Mike Maddox and guest speaker John Forsberg
November 27, 2018

Segment 1
Facebook ramps up efforts to remove terrorist content

According to Facebook, the social network removed 3 million terrorism related posts in Q3. We hear a lot about “the Facebook algorithm” and many of us complain about why Facebook thinks it can dictate what we can and cannot see. But when it comes to posts about hate crimes and terrorism, Facebook is putting its algorithm to good use and pulling down posts it deems as a threat.

Segment 2
West Michigan manufacturers accept risk by embracing new technology

Investing in technology can be a big step forward for a company – but not a cheap one by any means. One West Michigan company invested $400,000 into a 3-D printer, and while it was definitely a big investment, the owner is starting to see a payoff in his investment. Even though big investments in technology seem to come with a big risk, it can also open the doors in incredible business growth and opportunities.

Segment 3
Seagate is testing a blockchain ledger to track hard drives

A joint partnership between Seagate and IBM is underway to track millions of hard drives as they go through supply chains. Their ultimate goal is to track the life of the hard drive to help prevent counterfeit hard drives and fraudulent returns. Many other companies like SAP and Walmart are also working on blockchain technology and supply chain trackers to track their products.

Segment 4: Guest Speaker John Forsberg
John Forsberg serves as the President & CEO of i2Integration. An executive officer with 25 years in information systems design and development, information technology, multimedia production and project management. Since falling in love with technology in middle school, and joining the family business at 16, John has worn countless hats: strategist, designer, project manager, estimator, programmer, marketer and analyst, often simultaneously. He is continuously engaged in the learning process and prides himself on learning what works in technology, what doesn’t, red flags and opportunities. He finds great joy in strategically discussing initiatives with clients and creating a solution that works for them now, and into the future.  https://www.i2integration.com/

Segment 5: A simple question that can help your business hire top tech talent.
Special Guest: John Forsberg

Hiring and retaining good talent can be incredibly hard. In the recent years, it seems that the tech talent is even harder to come by. We’ll hear first hand from John Forsberg, President and CEO of i2Integration, as he tells us the single, most important question he asks all his technology candidates.

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Not All Multifactor Authentication Is Created Equal

In recent months, Multifactor Authentication (or Two Factor Authentication) has become a big priority for many companies. As MFA has become more popular, so have the tools used to implement the authentication. And the truth is – not all MFA is created equal. From one time passwords to QR codes to mobile tokens – which is the best route?

Listen to full episode below! 

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