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Associations and e-Marketplaces

Association Impact
September 22, 2017 1:00 PM


Associations and eMarketplaces

Earlier this month Cheryl Ronk, CAE, FASAE, President and CEO of MSAE, Michigan Society of Association Executives spoke with David J. Akers, Ann Csongei, and Denise Amburgey about a dynamic new eMarketplace which is coming to MSAE and its members

Segments 1-2
David J. Akers, CEO & Founder, Sourcing Alliance shares ideas on how associations can play a key role in providing resources and solutions to members. e-Commerce is changing the purchasing landscape. As a result, associations can participate in this revolution by becoming a distribution channel that strategically connects members with solution providers. This creates increased efficiencies and thus, cost savings.

Segment 3
Learn more about Sourcing Alliance. MSAE has been partnering with Sourcing Alliance since 2005. They are the largest entity in the United State that has a professional procurement method.

Segment 4,5,6
The specifics of how MSAE members can leverage Sourcing Alliance portal for offering one stop shopping are revealed. Sourcing Alliance offers specific products and services, the ability for associations to list their partner products and the ability to create a member to member purchasing platform.

MSAE is offering this to members while determining how they will maximize its use. Associations are all about the interaction with members. This platform allows associations to facilitate this in a new way to leverage e-Marketplaces.

Denise Amburgey, of the MSAE team and Ann Csongei, the Marketing Manager of Sourcing Alliance share ideas on promotion and the sharing of marketing resources that participating associations will receive.


Association Impact, hosted by Cheryl Ronk, CMP CAE looks into what some of Michigan’s top professional and industry groups are doing to make a positive impact for their members and for the state of Michigan. As part of MSAE, Association Impact works with all associations in Michigan.

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