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ACE '17 Event is a Huge Success

Michigan Business Network
February 4, 2017 1:00 PM


LANSING, MI -  On Jan. 26th, the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship celebrated its 17th year of being the place where entrepreneurs, investors, exhibitors, entrepreneurial support organizations gather to network, connect and learn about the startup ecosystem trends that are happening throughout the state of Michigan. What used to be a regional attraction has now grown to be a statewide event!!  

Thank you to all those that participated, sponsored and supported this event which resulted in a record number attendance and filled the event with high energy. 



to the

ACE '17 Challenge Winner!



 Advanced Interactive Response System

Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) produces high quality oxygen safety products 

that will improve patient health and care-giver performance. Oxygen system irregularities can 

lead to patient respiratory distress and even premature death. AIRS addresses these issues 

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They received the grand prize of $5,000 Cash and other prizes with a valueing more than $22,000



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