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A Lean Talk with Laura Kempf

The Leaning Edge
February 16, 2018 12:00 PM

laura.pngLaura Kempf's latest project gave her insight to the most important tool lean practitioners have, which is “bringing people together”. Lean events do that very well and in a company where people have come together from various backgrounds, experiences, acquired companies and so forth, just agreeing on how to work together is a huge improvement in itself.

The Leaning Edge Consortium recently launched at program at the WH level focused around improving the way we work together across Watson Health. I remember when lean first came to our company and executives would ponder why it took a lean event to get employees to think of the improvement. The truth of it is that the lean event allows the team to take a step back, analyze the issue and make the improvement. Our greatest tool as facilitators is bridging the gap in allowing employees to work together.

In this segment of A Leaning Edge Debra interviews Laura Kempf, IBM Watson Health Business Transformation Consultant to talk about Lean practices. 


The Leaning Edge, hosted by Debra Levantrosser, she speaks with leaders, implementers and believers in the lean philosophy to share their successes and struggles in hopes that they will help others in their lean journey.

The show focuses on the fact that lean is a mindset and a culture, not a set of process improvement tools, and shows how this approach can make your city, state and country an even stronger and more successful, stable place one organization at a time and one person at a time.

The “Lean” philosophy refers to engaging and involving all levels of employees in development of ideas to provide value to customers by aiming for high quality, low cost and short lead time. A specific kind of leadership style is seen in successful lean organizations which includes rewarding experimentation and developing people into problem solvers.

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