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What is Upcoming for Lansing 5:01?

Millennial Mindset
October 22, 2018 3:00 PM

Lansing5-01Chris Sell, Founder of Lansing 5:01 talks with Jeffrey MacCowan on this segment of Millennial Mindset. They discuss the mission of Lansing 5:01, how you can get involved and upcoming events.

Chris gave information about their upcoming event called the  Dive into Lansing hosted at the Moore's Park Pool. Another event being held in November is the Capital Comeback hosted at the Cooley Law School Stadium. 

You can follow Lansing 5:01 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Lansing501 or visit their website www.lansing501.com

Click the orange play button down below to hear Chris and Jeffrey talk about Lansing 5:01.


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