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Veteran-Owned Small Business Launches Nonprofit to Provide for State Veteran Homes

Michigan Business Network
November 11, 2020 3:00 PM


Grand Rapids-based veteran-owned small business, JetCo Solutions established the nonprofit, For the Vets, to provide for retired veterans during the pandemic 

November 2020 - Veteran-owned small business, JetCo Solutions, established the nonprofit For the Vets to expand their annual donation drive to focus on year-round support of veterans. This year’s Veterans Day drive will adapt their typical collection drive for local vets to be more sustainable in the face of COVID-19. Although the annual drive has been a staple of JetCo’s holiday celebrations for years, the company is adjusting their approach to include a contactless donation drive, through For the Vets, to benefit veterans living in the state’s two designated veteran’s homes. 

“Normally, we get a wish list from the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and then engage our clients and the community,” said Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jon Tellier, President at JetCo Solutions. “This year, we’re approaching our mission a little differently. We’re solely holding a donation drive through our newly established nonprofit, For the Vets.” 

The nonprofit's mission is clear. For the Vets aims to demonstrate gratitude for retired veterans through community acts of kindness and generosity. This year’s donation drive will aim to provide funds and wish list items to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette. Both of these organizations host holiday parties for each unit in their building. 

“COVID-19 has been especially hard on our veterans,” said Sarah Johnson, who is the Volunteer Coordinator at the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans. “The members really look forward to events like these. Celebrations help boost the veterans’ moods, especially during a particularly tough year like 2020.” 

For the Vets aims to collect enough donations to cover both locations’ celebrations and purchase additional gifts for the veterans. Since the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans also participates in Christmas Star Gift Tags, For the Vets is hoping to fulfill as many of these tags as possible. 

There are four available donation tiers, ranging from $100-750. Each donation directly impacts the homes and purchases anything from an entire wish list of items to funding for one of the 16 separate holiday parties. 

Donations for this specific initiative will be accepted November 11 - December 11 so the proceeds can be given to each home before the holiday season. If you are interested in donating, please visit forthevets.org or contact marketing@jetcosolutions.com. 

JetCo Solutions
JetCo Solutions is a veteran-owned small business working to help clients succeed in the government marketplace. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they create tactical business-to-government sales and marketing programs that include capture, research, proposal management and bid writing, and GSA submission and maintenance. For more information, please visit www.jetcosolutions.com. 

For the Vets
For the Vets is a Grand Rapids-based non-profit organization dedicated to demonstrating gratitude for retired veterans through community acts of kindness and generosity. For more information, please visit www.forthevets.org.

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