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University of Michigan Health-Sparrow News: UM Health-Sparrow Eaton Names First Ever BEE Recipient

Michigan Business Network
June 13, 2024 2:00 PM

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for outstanding performance 

              CHARLOTTE, MI – University of Michigan Health-Sparrow Eaton has honored a highly skilled CT technologist with its first-ever BEE Award for their support of the team and commitment to patient care.

Nominated by a fellow team member, Pam Wenson received the BEE award after she seamlessly handled the complex task of converting to a new imaging system in a matter of 24 hours while performing her normal duties and caring for patients. Wenson has worked for UM Health-Sparrow Eaton since 2004.

Pam is the definition of a worker bee as she leads the CT department in many different areas that go unnoticed,” said Kevin Hansen, director of ancillary services at UM Health-Sparrow Eaton. “She is very passionate about her work, takes great care of her patients, and loves her teammates greatly.”

The BEE Award recognizes excellence among clinical support caregivers who work alongside nursing teams to deliver quality, compassionate care. BEE is an acronym for Be Exceptional Every day. Acknowledging the strength behind teamwork, the BEE Award is often given in conjunction with the DAISY Award for outstanding nursing care to symbolize the relationship between nursing and clinical support caregivers - the same way bees and flowers depend on one another.

To learn more about UM Health-Sparrow Eaton or to nominate a team member, visit UofMHealthSparrow.org/Bee.

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