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Treasury: Michigan Scores a Double Win Over Ohio in “Find Forgotten Funds: Football Edition” Challenge

Michigan Business Beat
November 29, 2023 3:00 PM

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LANSING, Mich. - The state of Michigan received a couple of big “wins” over the state of Ohio this weekend in both football and the very first Unclaimed Property challenge, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Michigan Unclaimed Property challenged the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds to see which state’s residents could find and claim the most forgotten funds. The state with the most searches on www.MissingMoney.com from Nov. 1-25 would win the challenge.

The final numbers were:

  • Michigan: 240,017 searches
  • Ohio: 226,860 searches

As a bonus, the University of Michigan Wolverines beat The Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes 30-24 on Saturday, giving our state bragging rights on and off the gridiron. The OSU did defeat Michigan State University earlier this month, so there was a “split” on the field.

“I want to thank Michiganders for spreading the word about searching for their lost or unclaimed property throughout November,” said Terry Stanton, manager of Michigan Unclaimed Property. “This victory over Ohio is really a testament to everyone in our state coming together for the ‘W.’ The real winners are the owners being reunited with money they had forgotten about or misplaced.”

Find your money

Michigan Unclaimed Property has returned more than $550 million to rightful owners or their heirs over the last five years, and a quick online search at www.MissingMoney.com could reunite you, your friends and your family members with a potential windfall, including long-lost:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit (CD)
  • Over payments
  • Uncashed Checks (payroll, refunds, money orders, cashier checks, insurance benefits, etc.)
  • Dividends Stocks and bonds
  • Contents of a safe deposit box 

“Remember to search www.MissingMoney.com throughout the year,” Stanton added. “We update the website regularly and want to reunite you with your lost or unclaimed property.”

# # #
At the start of this challenge Chris Holman welcomed Terry Stanton, State Administrative Manager; Unclaimed Property, MI Department of Treasury, Lansing, MI. 

Watch Terry and Chris discuss upcoming competition for bragging rights between Michigan and Ohio, as residents of both states are encouraged to check for unclaimed property in the YouTube video shared below:

In the conversation, Chris looked to find out several things from Terry:

Terry, Michiganders are Encouraged to Find Lost or Unclaimed Property November 1-25, Why, and How?

www.MissingMoney.com is that a new website specific for this challenge?

Is this just for personal property or should businesses check as well?

Michigan Unclaimed Property has a good track record of reconnecting owners with their items?

What else about the challenge do we need to know, and what's that website again?
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