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Transform Michigan | HOPE Initiative - Third in a Series

Transform Michigan
August 31, 2022 4:00 PM


Angela Waters Austin and Rev. Sean 'Mordecai' Holland share episode four of their newer show on Michigan Business Network. 

Transform MI explores the question, “What would MI look like if we were to transform systems, policy, practice, and culture so that everyone wins”? Transform MI will look deep into topics of embodiment, boundaries, harm, creativity, and more with people who are working to reshape our world and MI. This is a podcast of possibilities.

Hear Angela, and Mordecai share their third in a series about HOPE Initiative in this 6-segment SoundCloud Podcast shared below.

For Episode 4's six segments Angela and Mordecai have a conversation with Jordan Scrimger, policy strategist with One Love Global about a media tracking project undertaken during the height of the COVID pandemic. How can the Health Opportunity and Equity Index data for Michigan inform the way our state approaches COVID recovery?

A One Love Global production.

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Transform Michigan, co-hosted by Angela Waters Austin and Rev. Sean 'Mordecai' Holland, celebrates nonprofit businesses and the impact of social entrepreneurs on Michigan’s double bottom-line.

8:00 AM every Saturday and Sunday
Replay: 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 2:00 AM