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Titanium Fit Co. - Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness

Millennial Mindset
May 21, 2018 1:00 PM

Black Circle LogoJeffrey welcomes guest, Mike Smith, CEO of Titanium Fit Co. Titanium Fit Co is based out of the Metro Detroit Area and sells fitness based clothing and accessories. They combine Lifestyle, Travel, and Fitness to provide a unique company dynamic. Mike goes on to talk about his titanium team that he has as well as welcoming you the opportunity to join his team. You can follow them on social media @titaniumfitco or their website www.titaniumfitco.com

Jeffrey continues the conversation with Mike discussing being a millennial entrepreneur in today’s society including college, social life, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

IMG_0902-2 (1)"I created the TITANIUM brand in fall of 2016. I wanted to build a community full of leaders in the fitness industry. I have always loved helping others reach their fitness goals. My main goal for starting this company was to impact as many lives as I could. I knew I could not impact as many as I wanted, so I decided to create a team of athletes to help me. That is how TEAM TITANIUM was formed. We have a group of athletes who motivate and inspire others with a supportive brand backed behind them. I have extremely high hopes for this brand and will not stop until we are the largest fitness brand in the industry." - Mike Smith, CEO, Titanium Fit Co. 

We have over 200 ambassadors all over the US and projected to have 500 by the fall. I work with a few online marketing companies who help us manage our page. It's all about utilizing your resources effectively.
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