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Takea Norwood | CAMW! MVP (Most Valuable Partner August 2020)

Michigan Business Beat
September 21, 2020 4:00 PM

CAMW! logoJeffrey Mosher spoke with Tekea Norwood, Program Compliance Manager for Capital Area Michigan  Works!, Lansing, MI, but serving Ingham Eaton and Clinton Counties.

In this discussion hear Tekea answer questions about Youth Programs available through Capital Area Michigan Works!,

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To hear Tekea and Jeffrey's full conversation please click on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast shared below!

In this discussion hear Tekea answer questions about Youth Programs handled by Captial Area Michigan Works!. 
QUESTION: What is the WIOA youth program?
ANSWER: At Capital Area Michigan Works!, we work with the Department of Labor and
Economic Opportunity, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to provide services
for youth. The purpose of the WIOA youth services is to assist young people, ages 14-24, who
face significant barriers to success in the labor market, by providing resources and support to
overcome those barriers and successfully transition to self-sufficient adulthood. WIOA
programs predominantly focus on “out-of school youth” (OSY). OSY refers to youth who are
16-24 years old, not attending any secondary or post-secondary school, and have one or more
specific enumerated barriers, including being considered a school dropout, homeless, an
offender, being pregnant or parenting, having a disability or having aged out of the foster care
system. WIOA provides for 14 different program elements. Not all participants who receive
WIOA services will receive all 14 program elements, but all local areas must provide all 14
elements. In practice, WIOA Youth Program funding can be used for many activities, including:

1. Tutoring, study skills, training, instruction, and dropout prevention;
2. Alternative secondary school services;
3. Paid and unpaid work experiences;
4. Occupational skills training;
5. Education offered concurrently with workforce preparation and training for
a specific occupation;
6. Leadership development opportunities;
7. Supportive services;
8. Adult mentoring;
9. Follow up services;
10. Comprehensive guidance and counseling;
11. Financial literacy education;
12. Entrepreneurial skills training;
13. Services that provide labor market information; and
14. Post-secondary preparation and transition activities

QUESTION: What is the importance of providing programs specifically for youth?
ANSWER: CAMW! is dedicated to preparing young adults in the region for post-secondary
education and workforce readiness that will align with in-demand employment opportunities.
Preparing WIOA Youth participants through career preparation, academic skill achievement,
and occupational skills will assist in an increased opportunity for employment that will lead to
sustainable self-sufficiency. Our youth programs operate in alignment with the CAMW! vision
to enhance the quality and productivity of people and business by preparing a competitive and
productive workforce.

QUESTION: What other programs does CAMW! provide for youth?
ANSWER: We work with the Lansing School District and they partner with community employers and agencies to provide our youth with multiple options for work experience. They partner with the Lansing Parks and Recreations Programs which include the Foster Center, Letts Community
Center, Gier Park and the Southside Community Center at Hill. Work opportunities include
organizations like the Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, Southside Community Coalition,
YMCA, Grand Haven Senior Center and Cristo Rey Community Center.

Peckham also partners with local businesses and offers a variety of programs to our youth.
Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP) is a career focused, youth mentoring program
serving youth with disabilities who are at risk for court involvement or dropping out of high
school. The Youth Career Academy, Ingham County, is a collaboration of Peckham, the Ingham
County 30th Circuit Court Family Division and the Ingham Intermediate School District. Referrals
are accepted entirely from the Ingham County 30th Judicial Circuit Court, Family Division. The
Right Turn Career-Focused Transition Initiative provides a career development process for
young adults (18-24) that are involved or have been involved with the criminal justice system

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) is another one of our partners. Their mission is to equip
young people with the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment and
in life. Their areas of focus include dropout prevention, dropout recovery and post-graduation
transition assistance into college and/or employment.

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