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Sparrow | Recognition of the Recipients of Outstanding Latino Caregiver Awards

Michigan Business Network
April 8, 2019 4:00 PM

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Tuesday, April 2,  Jeffrey Mosher was on hand at the Hannah Community Center, of East Lansing, MI. Exceptional Latino Caregivers from McLaren and Sparrow Hospitals received the “2018 Outstanding Latino Caregiver Award.” This annual event is an opportunity to publicly recognize individual Latino Caregivers for the significant differences they make in patients' lives and for their extraordinary service at each local hospital. The award recipients were nominated by their co-workers or patients and chosen by joint committees from the hospitals and the Lansing Latino Health Alliance.

Listen to the interviews and cermemony which took place Tuesday April 2, at Hannah Community Center, East Lansing, MI. 

In track 1 it's an interview with Karen Rodriguez followed by the opening of the awards celebration.

For track 2 Jeffrey Mosher interviews Linda Delgado-Kipp, President, and George Mansour, PhD, Treasurer of the Lansing Latino Health Alliance, then we share excerpts from the awards celebration ceremony held at the Hanna Community Center, East Lansing, MI. This includes the introduction and beginning of remarks shared by John J. Castillo, President, Castillo and Associates Consultants, Inc.

Track 3 has excerpts of the awards celebration ceremony with remarks being delivered by John J. Castillo, President, Castillo and Associates Consultants, Inc.

Track 4 shares the remainder of remarks shared by John J. Castillo, President, Castillo and Associates Consultants, Inc.. This is followed by an explanation about the Outstanding Latino Caregiver Award, as described by George Mansour, PhD: Treasurer of the Lansing Latino Health Alliance.

For track 5 it's excerpts from wrap-up of description of the awards, followed by the introduction of the McLaren Greater Lansing winner Felix Chalu by Lansing Latino Health Alliance board member Dr. Linda Hunt.

In track 6 Keith Reinerth VP of Human Relations for Sparrow Health System introduces Karen as the winner for Sparrow.

Track 7 are the excerpts of Karen's remarks as an award winner up to the end of the ceremony.

MBN's photo album from the day was shared on FaceBook.

Choose Wisely. Choose Sparrow.

The Lansing Latino Health Alliance was founded as an advocacy organization in 2003 with the mission of raising the health status of Latinos in the greater Lansing area. Since its founding the Alliance has informed the community and policy makers of health discrepancies and health needs of Latinos, has advocated for change and improvement, and has testified before Legislative committees on these issues. The Alliance has regularly collaborated with both hospitals on numerous projects. The annual Award was instituted in 2015.



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