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Smartzone Best Small Business | Security Vitals

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
May 7, 2019 4:00 PM

security-vitals-logox1500-1501788309-4211In a lead-up to 2019's Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala Celebration Jeffrey Mosher spoke with several winning companies from this cycle.

Here he talks with Rob Cote, President of one of Smartzone Best Small Business for 2019, Security Vitals of Pontiac, MI

To listen to Rob's full interview please click on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast below!

Cote Professional PhotoAs a leader and dedicated CEO, Rob Cote (Shown Right) devotes his career to helping organizations successfully protect against Cyber Attacks. He founded VioPoint, and he grew a successful cybersecurity organization that offered specialized security monitoring and vulnerability management programs, testing services, compliance assessments, and industry leading technology solutions.

His technology career began 30 years ago with an operational background supporting, deploying, and managing a wide variety of IT systems for global outsource firms including EDS, Perot Systems, and Cap Gemini. This background in outsourcing provided critical insights for structuring the successful managed service offerings at VioPoint and the impetus for continued innovation at Security Vitals.

In early 2016, Rob sold VioPoint and launched Security Vitals, which represents a culmination of many years’ experience that is reflected in the visionary Compliance as a Service (CaaS) and Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP) offerings.

  • CaaS takes critical process and technology solutions and bundles them into a monthly service that allows companies to focus on their core competencies while Security Vitals addresses the ongoing compliance requirements.
  • VMP ingests detailed data generated by industry leading vulnerability scanning platforms like Tenable, Saint, and Qualys and translates it into actionable detail for executives and operations teams. The role-based dashboard tracks key performance indicators and delivers visual trending information that drives results.

Understanding that not every client is suited for the managed service offerings, Security Vials also provides security testing, enterprise security metrics, security policy, and cyber-threat prevention solutions.

Security Vitals works closely with Haymarket Media, publisher of SC Magazine to sustain industry awareness, expertise, and knowledge. On a monthly basis, the team conducts product reviews that include between three to 15 security products. The team is also responsible for emerging product category reviews, one-off first look stand-alone reviews and the annual Innovators Product Review special. This partnership allows Security Vitals to leverage its team’s experience to evaluate a wide variety of security products and keep abreast of evolving industry trends.

Rob is also a contributing member of the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) where he has been an active member for more than five years. As part of the local Detroit chapter, he served two terms on the board; the first as the Form Chair and the second as the Integration chair. Both roles are focused on keeping new and existing EO members engaged with the organization.

Cote’s dedication to the information security field is dynamic and continues to evolve. His career dedication has demonstrated an ongoing passion for working with clients to deliver solutions that keep their environments secure.

What We Do
Organizations invest in security expecting that it will ultimately reduce risk. The challenge is that many lack the insight or experience to know if the applied resources (people, process, technology) are truly reducing risk. 

Security Vitals has the broad experience of supporting enterprises large and small.  Leveraging risk evaluation tools and process, we reveal the areas of greatest risk and help you effectively apply resources to mitigate it.   For organizations that need ongoing assistance, we also offer managed security programs that provide monthly support to address risk from both a process and technology perspective.

Recognizing Security Vitals’ expertise in the InfoSec community, Haymarket Media selected the company to conduct SC Magazine product reviews beginning in 2018. This venture reinforces Security Vitals’ thought leadership and leverages its team’s experience to evaluate a wide variety of security product categories. Through this process, Security Vitals will gain additional exposure to evolving technologies, which will ultimately benefit current and future clientele.

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