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Slow Website = High Ad Costs; Find out Why

December 11, 2020 8:00 AM


The Pros are all about getting you help when you need it, so this week's newsletter is swooping in with solutions for reducing website anxiety, lowering ad costs, and growing your ROI. 

P.S. There's also a really cool website that might pump up your inspiration. 

In this newsletter:

  • Super Support Docs
  • Swipe File: Arsenal Strength
  • Is Your Slow Website Jacking Up Your Advertising Costs?

    Introducing The Super Support Doc Hub!

    Hate that bubbling of anxiety that comes when you need an answer to a question but you don't have the time to wait for it? Us too. That's why we implemented our Super Support Doc Hub; to get you answers when you need them and help reduce the anxiety that comes with not knowing. 

    The Pros are always just a message or phone call away but sometimes it's easier to have the answer to your most pressing question right at your fingertips. Just browse the docs to find the answers you need, faster than a speeding bullet. Well, not that fast. But, really fast. 

  1. Browse Support Docs
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    From the "Swipe File": Arsenal Strength

    This site design featured in our Swipe File will not appeal to everyone’s design aesthetic. But, since designing with the user in mind matters more than any general “aesthetic,” this site nails it for its audience.

    Gym owners tend to be masculine and strong, so this design is well-matched to that persona.

    The typography is also strong and the pictures and images of people using their products help you picture yourself at their gym.

    What We REALLY Think About This Site...
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    Slow Website = High Ad Costs.

    Are you paying more for online advertising because your website is slow? 


    In this post, we look at the unfortunate equation; High Click-through-Rates + Low Landing Page Views = Site too Slow. 

    That's bad math. Let's talk about how to fix it. 

    Read The Article
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    Starting in 2021, slow websites will be removed from search results. Ouch. Find out if your website will make the cut or if you'll end up losing customers.
    Get a Site Speed Audit
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