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SAE | What’s Next in Safety?

Michigan Business Network
May 3, 2021 10:00 AM

SAE-International-logoWith each new release, SAE EDGE™ Research Reports unpack significant engineering challenges. Explore the reports for an understanding of where the brightest minds in mobility are concentrating their efforts. See our newest releases below.


ei (50)Unsettled Issues on Sensor Calibration for Automotive Aftermarket Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

John Waraniak

As active safety and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) gain greater adoption, it introduces a host of unsettled issues for the collision repair, specialty equipment, and performance aftermarket sectors. After a collision or modification, the ADAS system functionality must be preserved to maintain, driver, passenger, and road user safety. This new report tackles the challenges of accelerating the pace of ADAS implementation.


ei (51)Unsettled Issues Regarding the Certification of Electric Aircraft

Ravi Rajamani, Anna Mracek Dietrich

Electric aircraft technologies are beginning to mature. As a result, the larger industry is beginning to grapple with the reality of certifying electric aircraft. This new report tackles the certification challenges faced by electric aircraft manufacturers in both the small (normal) and large (transport) categories, addressing technical, business, and process issues.


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