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Results from the Michigan Women's Leadership Report

Michigan Business Beat
February 5, 2020 9:00 AM

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 11.58.56 AMChris Holman welcomes President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay, to share the results of the biennial Michigan Women's Leadership Report.

Since 2003, Inforum has been measuring the presence of women leaders at Michigan public companies and releasing the results in the Michigan Women's Leadership Report. The 2020 report, conducted in collaboration with Wayne State University's Mike Ilitch School of Business, will highlight how Michigan-headquartered companies compare to national trends.

Listen to interview by clicking below! 

2019 Women’s Leadership Report Key Findings:
• 2019 was a year of great progress for women.
o The number of Fortune 500 companies led by women hit a new high.
o Women for the first time held at least one board seat at every S&P 500 company.
o For the first time, 20% of the directors of Russell 3000 boards are women, a figure Michigan exceeds at 21%.
o The percent of women directors in a sample of large Michigan public companies has grown from 16% in 2007, to 29% today.

• West Michigan Companies leading the charge include, Herman Miller Inc. (40% of directors are women), Kellogg (42% of directors are women), Steelcase (40% of directors are women), and Stryker Inc. (40% of directors are women).

About Inforum:
• Inforum was founded in 1962 as the Women’s Economic Club to serve as a speakers and networking forum for women.

• Inforum has built on that early legacy to become the only educational and charitable nonprofit in Michigan–and one of only a few in the country–that combines strategic connections, proven professional development programs, a respected programs for new ideas, and original research to accelerate careers for women and boost talent initiatives for companies.

• To learn how Inforum can help you break through the glass ceiling, visit www.inforummichigan.org/.

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