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Navigating Time Management, Time Investment and Time Debt

Be Investable
January 12, 2018 2:00 PM


Michael Melfi is  joined by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Founder and CEO of Real Life E Time Coaching and Speaking.

Real Life E is a time coaching and speaking company. In this podcast, Elizabeth talks about her three books,but focuses on 'Divine Time Management'.

She also touches on the difference between time management and time investment. They talk about time debt and how to navigate having more to do than you have time for. If you are a person who wants to maximize your time, you are going to want to tune in to gain tips, tricks and knowledge!

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Be Investable , hosted by Michael S. Melfi, and Jesse Henry (link to GetInvestable.com) digs deep into the biggest problem emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses face today – funding. Our show is about learning how to Be Investable. Learn from our guests what key investors are really looking for in leadership and management. Our guests are experienced, successful leaders and pioneers happy to discuss the road map for hacking fundraising, attracting mentors and manifesting investors. We look forward to you joining us on the show..

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