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October 30, 2019 4:00 PM

Mr. Chris Holman, CEO of Michigan Business Network has been elected as the Tourism Ambassador of Jinan, Shandong Province in China. He is also closely connected with the Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau for the past few years. Known as the “City of Springs”, Jinan has many magnificent fresh water natural springs, and is also the political and educational center of Shandong Province.

In Oct 19th, 2019, the Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau organizes the “Mystery Visiting Event.” This is the event when all the foreign people who live and study in China to a gathering. They visit many tourist attractions in the city such as: Quancheng Square, Five Dragon Pool, Fuxue Wenmiao, Baihuazhou Area. They also participate in a variety of activities including the Spring Tea Party, Rice Paper Rubbings etc. At the end of all this, there is a survey to measure the foreign visitors’ experiences.quancheng square

Quancheng Square

The first visit was the Quancheng Square, which is located at the center of Jinan. You can see the blue statue in the picture representing the city of springs.

Five Dragon Pool

The next stop is the Five Dragon Pool. In this area visitors will experience the beauty of a delicate pool and pond views. The flowers and green plants are a refreshing addition and their fragrance a true enhancement.

Visitors then had the chance to visit the Daming Lake which is close to the five dragon pool. The Daming lake is also one of the most famous views in Jinan. Not only for the lotus, but also the temples and stylish architectures on the parkland.

confucius temple

Fuxue Wenmiao

Shandong Province is the genesis of Confucianism. Located in Jinan is the confucius temple “Fuxue Wenmiao” which is located between Furong Street and Daming Lake. The temple is known for introducing Confucius's spirit and ideas.  Visitors can observe the art of calligraphy and participate in some unique activities using rice paper to do the rubbing.

black tiger spring

Black Tiger Spring

The visitors’ final stop is the Black Tiger Spring. They also had the opportunity to taste the tea made from the spring water which contains beneficial minerals that are good for their health.

This opportunity was a great way for visitors to learn more about Jinan City and all had wonderful feedback and comments.

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